OUM Game




OUM Game
  • Marketing That’s Fun, Exciting and Different

  • Drives Traffic To Your Site With NO UPFRONT COST

  • Players Win Prizes and YOU Win Customers

OUM Game

OverUnderMillionaire (OUM) is a new, exciting and totally different E-retail marketing platform designed in an online sports game that actually

Drives players to E-retail sites as CUSTOMERS.

As players reach win streak levels towards game’s $1,000,000 Grand Prize for being 1st player to correctly guess 36 games in a row, they get to select their choice of gift card or product prizes to redeem on Prize Sponsor Sites. OUM’s marketing concept is simple. Players play to win prizes and E-retailers sponsor prizes to win new customers.




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OUM is a new marketplace platform where game players are converted into customers on E-commerce sites through prize redemption. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, just a game that brings customers to sponsor sites.

Everyone! While OUM is positioned as a sports game, it’s free and easy to play with a chance to win a variety of prizes including the $1,000,000 Grand Prize. Based on preliminary research, we expect over one million daily players comprised of 70% men and 30% women, 18+ years of age.

Players are eligible to collect sponsor prizes by reaching win streak levels along the way towards the $1,000,000 Grand Prize. Prizes are listed by category with description and links to sponsor’s website. Winning players selecting your prize are linked to your site for redemption.

We recommend either: specific product, service or e-gift card to be redeemed towards purchase of any product on your site.

That is up to you. However, keep in mind our players have many prizes to choose from. Make your prize enticing so players will be encouraged to redeem yours!

Our view is that winning a BOGO isn’t an exciting prize offer. OUM doesn’t allow prizes structured as discounts, percent-off coupons or BOGOs. Give the players something worth redeeming and they will flock to your site!

Depending on popularity of prize, monthly volume could be 200 – 2,500+ prizes per sponsor.

Absolutely! Feel free to add, delete or modify your prize offerings 24/7 from your dashboard.

We accept prize offers from all types and sizes of E-commerce sites. Prior to approval, each company and offer is evaluated to ensure player interest. The best prizes will be accepted to keep our players coming back for more!

  • Sponsors pay 10% commission of prize value only when winning Player selects their prize offer.
  • EXAMPLE: A selected sponsor’s prize valued at $20 would carry a $2 commission.
  • Posting prize and linking players to sponsor website is free. Other than 10% commission when prizes are selected, there is no other cost to prize sponsors in OUM.

OUM kicks off this fall and runs in continuous four-month seasons. Player scores begin at zero at the start of each season.

Prize sponsors will be considered in order of inquiries received. Once the OUM prize clubhouse is full, all remaining inquires will be placed on a waiting list for later consideration.

After registering, you’ll receive a dashboard with instructions to use our prize banner template by entering your logo, prize and website hyperlink. You also have the option to design your own artwork for the prize banner. Access your dashboard anytime to track redemptions, add or delete prize offerings, etc.

Complete our sponsor registration form here.
You’ll receive emailed instructions along with a dashboard log-in to submit your prize offer.

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